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Gay & Lesbian Scene in San Francisco

San Francisco's gay and lesbian bars are many and varied, ranging from cozy cocktail lounges to no-holds-barred leather-and-chain hangouts. The scene may no longer be quite as wild as its reputation would have you believe, but at its best it can still be hard to beat.

Gay & Lesbian Scene in San Francisco

4121 18th St tel 415/626-9320.
A Western-style bar with a small dance floor and happy hour every weeknight (4-7pm). Very popular and recently re-vamped.

Café Flore.

2298 Market St tel 415/621-8579.
Very much the "in" spot before dark. Attractive café with leafy outdoor area and no shortage of people sizing each other up.

Eagle Tavern.

398 12th St tel 415/626-0880.
Legendary SoMa biker bar. Not for wimps.

Esta Noche.

3079 16th St tel 415/861-5757.
Gay discomania Latin-style. Young men and their admirers dance to a hi-NRG disco beat.


500 Castro St tel 415/431-4278.
A central and convivial gay bar in The Castro drawing a friendly, community-oriented mixed gay and lesbian crowd. Serves food, too.

Hole in the Wall.

289 8th St tel 415/431-HOWL.
A biker and rock club that deliberately recalls the days when gay bars hid in dark alleys. Beware: the clientele can occasionally be found completely nude. However, it's all in good fun (and quite popular) but occasionally a little rough.

Lexington Club.

3464 19th St at Lexington tel 415/863-2052
The first neighborhood bar for women in a long time, packed with lesbians of all stripes and their male friends. Good jukebox.


4 Valencia St at Market tel 415/241-0205.
A swank place in which to drink martinis and sing show tunes around the piano, from 9pm on.

Midnight Sun.

4067 18th St tel 415/861-4186.
Young, white boys dressed to the nines and cruising like maniacs in this noisy Castro video bar.

The Mint

1942 Market St tel 415/626-4726.
The best karaoke bar in the city, packed with a boisterous, thirtysomething crowd of songsters.


280 7th St tel 415/820-1621.
If men in chaps are your scene, look no further than this dimly lit SoMa bar/dance club that plays country-and-western and bluegrass favorites. A legendary SF venue.

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